Acyclovir Antiviral Cream

antiviral-creamIt can be irritating, frustrating and embarrassing to start experiencing red or discoloured skin patches on visible or even hidden parts of the body. These may create some form of inconvenience that you will want to do everything possible to get rid of them. Discoloured skin patches or sores are often caused by viral infections. The awful effects of these viral infections can be seen as swelling on the lips, throat, patches or spots around the face, armpit region, hands and legs. There are several types of viral infection that generate irritation on the skin and among them are herpes simplex viral infections. Infections caused by herpes virus are popular cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox, HSV1 and so on. These infections are highly contagious. In other words, they can easily be transferred from one person to another. They are contacted through careless interactions like body contact, sexual interactions, eating with infected persons etc. To limit the spreading of the pandemic infections, several vaccines have been created and these drugs have been highly effective in treating and preventing viral infections. Among several vaccines is acyclovir mainly for treating herpes simplex viral infections. Acyclovir is a drug therapy treatment essentially created for mitigating, treating and preventing cold sores, herpes infections, chickenpox, Varicella zoster and herpes zoster. It works by breaking the DNA chain formation thereby inhibiting the replication of the viruses. It is also known as Aciclovir in the field of science. Aside its usage as a drug, acyclovir as also been packaged into tubes as acyclovir mainly for treating cold sores and awful herpes viral irritation on the skin. Please note that the acyclovir cream is basically for external use and not to be consumed like the tablet form.

How Acyclovir Cream works

herpes-labialis-lippenherpesIt should be noted that acyclovir cream should only be used to treat herpes skin irritation and not has moisturising cream. It should also be applied as indicated on the leaflet. It comes in various sizes of tube and are branded by different marketers. It works by interfering with the DNA formation to thwart the replication of the virus. Acyclovir cream can be robbed on parts of the body ravaged by cold sores. Core sores that attack the mouth region are caused by Varicella zoster and herpes simplex virus. It is advised to read through the leaflet before using the cream as manufacturers provide instruction on the usage differently. Popular brands known are Zovirax and Zuvogen. The cream is suitable for both adults and children suffering from herpes skin irritation.

Generally, it is recommended to apply acyclovir cream five times daily and it should be applied very early in the morning, midday, afternoon, evening and late at night before sleeping. A continuous usage should be engaged for few days even when cold sores are gone. The quantity of the cream to be applied should be specified by a physician. A physician will be able to indicate the quantity that will be suitable

coping-with-cold-sores-s10-woman-applying-herpes-medicationWhat to do before applying acyclovir cream

A thorough washing of hands with soap and warm water must be carried out before applying the acyclovir cream. Press the tube gently to give a sizeable amount of the cream on the tip of your finger then softly apply the cream to the infected area for few minutes. This allows penetration to take place. Once you are done applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. The cream starts its operation as soon as it is applied and the result is seen within few days of consistent application.

Possible Side Effects

Some of the known side effects are negligible. However, it is pertinent to visit a physician for proper counsel to be on a safer side when you start noticing the side effects. Popular side effects experienced sometimes are itching, improper breathing, burning sensation and so on.

Precaution and Warning

Read the leaflet for proper instruction before using the cream to treat cold sores. Apply the cream on only affected areas of the body. The cream is not to be consumed as it is only meant for external use only. Keep the tube away from children and ensure the cream is kept safe from having contact with the eyes.