Amantadine as a medical remedy for Parkinson disease

symmetrel-100mgAmantadine is a drug fabricated to prevent or treat notable flu in the world today. Having passed through the desk of the U.S Food and Drug Administration, the drug is administered by medical practitioners to patients diagnosed of viral infection and Parkinson disease, a notorious disease that causes uncontrollable muscle movement. Parkinson disease occurs as a result of nervous system malfunction. Amantadine has a trade name known to be Symmetrel and was discovered in 1969 as a drug therapy to reduce the effect of Parkinson disease. The drug was approved in 1966 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration after series of examination. It was recommended to combat Asian Influenza and later on approved as a drug therapy for influenza virus in adult patients. It was approved as a prophylactic agent composing of elements bonded together in its structure.

Structural composition and properties of Amantadine

structural-compositionAmantadine is a composite of different elements conjoined together to make up its stricture. Basic elements found in Amantadine are Hydrogen, Nitrogen and carbon. Amantadine is represented in the world of science with a molecular formula C10H17N which can be viewed under a magnifier. It has a computed molecular weight of 151.253g/mol with hydrogen bond donor count and accept or count ratio 1:1. Its physical properties are recorded as hexakistetrahedral crystal when it sublimes, 160-190oC melting point and it is sparingly soluble in water with a value of 6290Mg/L. It is stable under radiation, air and heat.

How it functions as an antiviral agent and uses

Amantadine has been used over the years as an inhibitor of many viral diseases, particularly Parkinson disease and influenza A. The drug is known to be a very potent chemotherapy drug for many years although some widely known viral diseases showed resistance when combated with the use of amantadine which made United States to stop recommending the drug for influenza. The drug is used to treat post herpetic neuralgia, extrapyramidal reactions among other known viral diseases. It functions by hampering the activity of the transmembrane region of the viral M2 protein. This action inhibits the unleashing of the viral nucleic acids into the cells facing attack. It also prevents colony of virus during virus replication. Symmetrel functions in patient diagnosed of Parkinson disease by stimulating dopamine secretion from striatal dopaminergic nerve terminal which stops its presynaptic reception. It is excellent for treating hepatitis C and majorly used as amantadine hydrochloride salt. The trade name coramantadine is virosol or symadine.

Possible side effects of Amantadine

The side effects of amantadine are enormous and has been linked to major nervous system. The effects comprise of anxiety, insomnia, psychiatric effects, agitation and so on. Skin rashes known as steven-johnson syndrome is also attributed to the use of symmetrel as a chemotherapy treatment. It may also cause drowsiness, lightheadedness, swelling in some parts of the body like the throat and lips, and stiff muscle. It is proper to mention that not all the side effects occur.

Precautions to take before using the drug

It is ideal and expedient for individuals to visit medical centers before using the drug. The drug should be essentially administered by medical practitioners after diagnosing viral infection in individuals and analyzing the diagnosis.

Amantadine Dosage Required

amantadine-200mgA 200mg oral per day in 1 to 2 divided dose is recommended for treating influenza prophylaxis influenza A. The required dosage if adhere to will minimize the side effects. 100mg oral twice a day is ideal for treating Parkinson disease in Adults. Individuals whose responses are not adequate at 200mg/day may increase intake to 400mg/day in divided doses. 100mg twice per day is recommended for treating extrapyramidal reaction in adults. There are other recommendations of the drug but you must to consult a medical practitioner before usage.