Amaryl (glimepiride)

What is Amaryl?

Amaryl Glimepiride has been recognized as a diabetes medicine effectively and safely controlling sugar levels. It is formulated in tablets and for oral administration. It stimulates body’s ability to utilize the insulin from the pancreas and it combines well with synthetic insulin and other diabetes medicines. Of course, glimepiride is at times recommended for others who are not diabetic. Those in the state of diabetic ketoacidosis should not take Amaryl tablet. They fare better contacting their doctors for insulin. And any who is allergic to glimepiride is advised to consult his doctor before taking Amaryl glimepiride.

Amaryl Price

When you buy a pack Amaryl Glimepiride, you will find 30 tablets irrespective of the mg. Of course it is possible to find the tablets in various packaging and quantities. Below is the price breakdown of Amaryl mg which gives a general idea of the cost basing the costing on 30 pills in a pack:

Amaryl Dosage

Usually, Amaryl glimepiride pills are taken once a day and they must go with breakfast or the first meal of the day. However follow instruction from your doctor about the use of Amaryl tablets. Your particular case and other factors will be put into consideration to decide if Amaryl 2mg or Amaryl 3mg or even Amaryl 4mg of Amaryl pill will be okay for you daily. You should never exceed the recommended dose. Similarly, you should not take less than the number of pills prescribed for you. It is quite beneficial to follow the instruction on the label.

Where to buy Amaryl

A good number of online stores include Amaryl in their list of diabetes medicines. This indicates that the pills are widely available in 4mg, 3mg, 2mg and 1mg prescriptive strengths.Buying online ultimately gives you an added confidence that you have successfully bypassed the counterfeiters. You will find a good bargain at onlinestore with some attractive guarantees which include free shipping and delivery to anywhere in the world.Amaryl Glimepiride tablet has received favorable reviews by those that have used it in treating diabetes Type 2.

Below are samples of the hundreds of reviews of Amaryl.


“My doctor put me on Amaryl & it quickly lowered my readings. My problem is that I have a SULFA allergy & now I’m broken out in a HORRIBLE RASH & the doc doesn’t think it might be the Amaryl”

Almost Jake

“This medication works almost too well. When you start this medicine be aware of what low blood sugar symptoms are. I have experienced several episodes of blood sugar down to 52. Heed the warning to carry glucose tablets with you at all times.”


“I have been taking it for 2 years now It will drop your blood sugar levels quickly so you need to eat within 10 minutes of taking it. If I exercise alot, that will further drop my blood sugar levels. Be careful at first. I take a soda in the car with me just in case or carry glucose tablets until you see how it affects you. You may need to eat more than you are use to .I have not had any side effects.”

You have now seen the importance of purchasing high-quality products from reputable online stores. You will rest assured that the best product is handy to help you fight off life-threatening illnesses. You can’t trade that peace of mind for anything,can you?