Astelin Nasal Spray

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Astelin is a first line treatment medication for moderate to severe rhinitis. Astelin is effective for allergies associated with the first histamine (H1-receptor antagonist) which is responsible for allergies of ileum contraction, itching, modulate circadian cycle, systemic vasodilatation, andasthma induced by allergy (bronchoconstriction). Astelin generic name is azelastine. There are other generic astelin produced with the same active ingredient sold worldwide to serve the same purpose. Azelastine astelin is supplied in different forms to enable the users enjoy preferred application or usage option. The most common is the astelin nasal spray, also called astelin spray or astelin nose spray. The targeted histamine by Azelastine astelin stimulates the efficacy of Astelin nasal to put a stop to most nasal symptoms resulting from allergy such as itching, sneezing, and runny nose. The use of Astelin nose spray covers children from 2 years old to adults for inconsistent allergies. But children as young as 6 months old can use astelin spray if the allergy is persistent. Astelin is also available as eye drops which is not very common among the users. However, the different forms do not affect the efficacy of the generic composition (azelastine). Astelin is indicated not to be used by children below 12 years. In countries like the United States, Astelin may be used by 6 months old children.

Astelin dosage

This is to be determined by the doctor prescribing Astelin. Factors like the patient’s weight and the type of allergy determine astelin dosage to be used. Adults may use 1 to 2 sprays (0.1%) twice a day and pediatrics use 1 spray (0.1%) once in a day.

How to buy Astelin

Buying astelin OTC (over the counter) is not recommended as a proper examination of the histamine is needed before astelin prescription. You can buy astelin online from trusted pharmacy or drug stores. You may also have it as an advice through this medium to always seek for azelastine astelinunless recommended otherwise by health care personnel to buy other generic astelin in a case of scarcity or when it’s out of stock from a reliable store. Don’t be lured into trying other substances that do not have astelin generic name if astelin works just fine for you. Astelin cost may vary due to source and generic astelin brand name. astelin price is to be determined by the pharmacy you visit but astelin price is around US$145 for 30mililiters. Astelin cost may be less if you have coupon, insurance or discounts.

Astelin Reviews

“I don’t know what I’d do without astelin. It significantly improved my severe allergy symptoms immediately. No longer waking in the middle of the night with an itchy throat, can actually breathe throughout the day! I do wake up congested, but 10 minutes after my astelin dose I’m good to go. I do take it in conjunction with an oral antihistamine as well, but not sure if I still need it…I just kept taking it since I was already using it before.”

– JR (October 23, 2016)

“It relieves my sneezes and nose itching just ten minutes after using it,unlike most oral antihistamines it’s the only thing that has worked for my rhinitis! It has definitely improved my quality of life. Just have your head tilted to your chin to avoid bitter taste.”

– PennyP (August 14, 2016)

“I have pretty many constant allergies – all year I’m sneezing and clearing my throat. That has completely stopped by taking astelin spray twice a day. I cannot say enough good things about it. I initially had the bad taste and minor stinging. The stinging went away after a few uses. The bad taste was due to me not reading the directions! It clearly says to tilt your head downward when spraying. I started doing this and have had zero aftertastes. When it is severe allergy season, I use this and it works like a charm. If you’re on the fence about taking this, give it some time. You’ll be glad you did.”

– Texfan