Using Atrovent for Asthma

Atrovent is a medication that impedes symptoms of allergy by opening airways in the lungs for an increased flow of air. Atrovent generic name is ipratropium bromide which is referred to as antimuscarinic bronchodilator. Atrovent is used in the treatment of symptoms associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. Atrovent generic is sold as Atrovent nasal spray or Atrovent inhaler, administered using an inhaler or nebulizer. Atrovent kicks in after about 20 minutes of administration, lasting for about five hours. Atrovent is produced to be absorbed in the lungs so as to act quickly as it is absorbed by targeted area. The absorption of Atrovent at the lungs is also preferred to minimize possible side effects of ipratropium bromide. Hence, lungs absorption is minimal at a time compare with the required Atroventdose required if taken orally. Atrovent is a brand name of the substance by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. However, Atrovent generic name (Ipratropium bromide) is also sold without brand names by different companies for the same purpose.

How does Atrovent work?

Patients with asthma or severe obstructive pulmonary disease have contracted passages of air. This tiny air passage reduces the volume of air taken into the lungs for blood oxygenation. The generic Atrovent inhalers contain antimuscarinic bronchodilator (ipratropium bromide) which promotes the dilation of the airways. Ipratropium bromide achieves this by blocking muscarinic receptors within the airway muscles. Naturally, chemical processing involving acetylcholine usually stimulate these receptors to expand to make air passage narrower. Atrovent generic (ipratropium bromide) impedes the muscarinic receptors within the lungs to prevent the chemical activity by acetylcholine. Ipratropium bromide allows the muscles within the air passage to relax, making the channel wider for air passage.

How do I use Atrovent?

Atrovent inhalations are metered and the exact Atrovent dose recommended by your health care personnel is to be taken.The recommended starting dose is 2 inhalations to be taken 4 times in a day. Though, some patients may be recommended to inhale more than 4 times in a day. This is determined by how severe the challenge is and the patient’s tolerance to ipratropium bromide. However, a total number of 12 inhalations should never be exceeded within 24 hours.Atrovent 0.5 mg from a metered inhalation is the maximum Atroventdoseinhaled at once which usually yields the maximum absorption for the utmost bronchodilation. Nevertheless, your doctor’s prescription may achieve help you achieve maximum bronchodilation without using Atrovent 0.5 mg dosage.

Atrovent solution does not require shaking before it is used. Before using Atrovent inhaler for the first time, please release away 2 testing spays away (not close to your face). The test spay is also required in a situation where Atrovent nasal spray have not been used for more than 3 days.

Atrovent with Albuterol

The use of Atrovent for asthma has been improved by the addition of albuterol, an ingredient also used to relax muscles in the lungs for a wider airway. Atrovent albuterol is the combination of ipratropium bromide with albuterol to enhance the potency of Atrovent generic in the treatment of symptoms associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and asthma. The use of albuterol also helps to improve the efficacy duration of Atrovent generic. Atrovent albuterol can only be used by children above 3 years old and adult. This is because albuterol is not suitable for children below 4 years old. Hence, Atrovent for asthma with albuterol is only for adults and children older than 4 years.

Where to buy Atrovent

Atrovent inhalers can be purchased from any pharmaceutical or drug store. You can buy Atrovent from an online or physical store. Atrovent cost is not gravely affected by the place of purchase among the online selling stores. Just note that shipping conditions may have an effect on Atrovent cost, though not very much. Also be sure to buy Atrovent from a recommended store approved by FDA.