Augmentin as duo action antibiotic

augmentin-1gWithout the use of a proper antibiotic, fighting a bacterial infection would be futile and a wrong move against the dangerous disease. A proper diagnosis is highly recommended to achieve the most successful move in the treatment of infections due to bacteria. Some bacteria have the ability to resist a certain antibiotic family and this renders the use of that antibiotic family fruitless in treating the infection. This wrong journey has been minimized by the introduction of combined recipe therapy, augmentin. This combined treatment contains two classes of drugs which fight bacteria in two different ways to ensure there’s no loophole or a chance of survival for targeted bacteria if used appropriately. Only an abuse of augmentin dose would grant a survival root to the bacteria infection. Augmentin generic is the proper concoction of a β-lactamase and a β-lactaminhibitor which are potassium clavulanate and amoxicillin trihydrate respectively. The two inhibitors work together to frustrate or eliminate the existence of many bacterial infections in the human body. The effectiveness of augmentin covers urinary and respiratory tract infections, sinus infections, infections from animal bites, flora, typhoid and many other infections due to bacteria apart from those indicated in the label. This medication is serving as a major known antibiotic due to its very broad spectrum and high potency against resistance by bacteria activity. While this antibiotic recipe is serving quite well, augmentin allergy or adverse reactions to augmentin generic debars some patients from the use of antibiotic augmentin in any form of treatment.One of the components of augmentin generic, amoxicillin belongs to the penicillin family while potassium clavulanate is actually not effective alone as an antibiotic. It’s usually combined with members of the penicillin or ticarcillin to augment their efficacy for the purpose of use bacteria treatments.

How to use Augmentin

kidAugmentin antibiotics are to be taken exactly as prescribed by the physician. You are advised to communicate with your doctor if you are not sure of how your augmentin tablets are to be taken. The augmentin dose administered is usually based on the infection level and other factors like age. Also, the spot of the infection may play a role in the augmentin dose to be administered. Adults usually take augmentin 500mg twice daily, i.e. every twelve hours or augmentin 250 mg 6 hourly for most bacterial infections. Augmentin 625 and Augmentin 800 mg are stronger doses and are generally used when the infection is chronic or severe. Augmentin 800 mg can be taken every 12 hours or two times daily for chronic infections like urinary tract infections. Research has shown that augmentin allergy may be induced by high dosage of augmentin. Hence, a closer observation is very necessary. Please note that augmentin 250mg should not be doubled as a substitute for augmentin 500mg. They are not the same. The same precaution applies for augmentin 200mg. It should not be doubled or combined to achieve a single dose of 800 mg. One single augmentin tablet is to be taken at once in any treatment plan.

How to buy Augmentin

buy-augmentinThe easiest means to buy augmentin is online. There are many online pharmacies or drug stores where one can order augmentin from easily and have it delivered within a short period. Though augmentin price may be a reason why some patients would prefer not to buy augmentin online from a particular store. Location of a drug store and augmentin brand name such as augmentin Australia, Canada etc, may also affect augmentin cost. An important precaution to observe if you wish to order augmentin online is ensuring you are buying from a trusted store with FDA license.However, the store distance or augmentin brand name should not play a role in your decision if the drug store is trusted. Augmentin cost is generally less for the lower dosage like augmentin 125mg or augmentin 200 mg.