Best Male Enhancement Pills

Everyone’s Concerned about Size!

Why would average size men be the ones who mostly opt for male enhancement pills, as research indicates? Of course, everyone is concerned about their penis size, but this just goes on to show how much attention this matter is getting from every man. The average size man is more concerned because he would feel that his performance and manhood are at stake without a large, hard penis. Those that already have this would be less concerned.

The Great Dilemma

Pills and supplements are the most preferred when it comes to male enhancement but the rate at which new brands are making their entry into the market leaves one with one great task of having to choose what’s best for them and what really works, obviously against other important factors like price, ingredients, and side effects.

Perhaps the first and most important step in selecting your preferred enhancement pill is to draw your list of expected results. This will help you narrow down your choices to what applies to you. Eye-catching packaging, promises of best results and competition of the market share, for penis enhancement pills can only increase in the coming years. Bottom line is if a product is not worth the confidence it asks from consumers or if it will not deliver the results it promises, it will be a waste of money buying it.

Tips to Quality Product Selection

Question is ‘how do you tell which male enhancement pill works best before spending your hard earned cash on it?’ If you are in need of a safe and effective product, natural supplements often present a good option. These contain plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids which have been confirmed to improve sexual performance.

Below is a guide on how to sift the numerous products so that you are left with just what is relevant for you. It’s important to remember that every pill manufactured has its side effects, the less the side effects, the better for you. This often goes with how natural the ingredients contained in them are.

Here are a few factors that will guide your decision:

  • User rating
  • Access and validity of information found on the product website
  • Does your penis increase in size
  • Do you get more erection power
  • Does your libido increase
  • Do you get an improved Sexual Stamina
  • Ejaculation Control benefit
  • Reputation of the product or manufacturer in the market
  • Ingredients contained in the product
  • Side effects
  • Any product Guarantees
  • Refund policy

Scam is real in the world of male enhancement products, especially where online purchase is concerned. While genuine manufacturers are busy trying to find a lasting solution to a problem that has affected men across the board, others are busy dubiously minting from the multimillion dollar industry.

It’s quite unfortunate that no scam eradication technique has worked so what remains is for consumers to exercise intelligence during purchase.

Here is where research insights and consumer reviews for products become useful tools.


  • Studying product ingredients
  • Interacting with other consumers
  • Conducting safety checks

Find out which products made it to our top 10 male enhancement pills

Enhancement Pills Overall Rating Size Gain Erection Power Libido Sex stamina Ingredients Ejaculation Control Reputation
1 VigRX Plus 4.8/5 2-4 inch Excellent V.High V.High All Natural Excellent Excellent
2 Erectzan 4.5/5 2-4inch Excellent V.High V.High All Natural Excellent Excellent
3 Pro-Solution 4.2/5 1-2inch Excellent Normal V.high High Qual. Good V.good
4 Extenze 4/5 1-2inch Good High Normal High Qual. Good V.good
5 Vimax 3.7/5 1inch Good High Normal Good Qual. Good V.good
6 Maxis10 3.5/5 1inch Good Normal High Good Qual. Average Good
7 Enzyte 3.2/5 1inch Average High Normal Good Qual. Average Good
8 Triverex 3/5 1inch Average Normal High Average Average Good
9 Male Extra 2.9/5 1inch Average Normal Normal Average Average Average
10 Orexis 2.7/5 1inch Average High Normal Average Average Average

In Conclusion, here are the qualities of the best male enhancement pills on the market to look out for when doing your purchase:

  • Reviews of visible results and overall improvement in performance
  • High success rate – Users expectations were met or exceeded by the product.
  • Excellent reputation of the manufacturers – Those that have stood the test of time by manufacturing high quality products.
  • Low refund rate – This means that not many people return the product marking high satisfaction levels.
  • An assured money back guarantee – this shows that the product is from a genuine manufacturer who is not out to swindle money from consumers.
  • Prominent people vouch for it – A product used by high caliber people is almost certainly a top quality one however, consumers must still do their research on the product.
  • Permanent results – best pills for male enhancement are those that give permanent results. VigRX is one such product.
  • Customer Support – if you can access live chat customer support even if not for 24hours, then you are sure the product is genuine.