Celexa for Depression

Celexa, Depression’s Ultimate Remedy

depressionDepression is a psychotic symptom. However, before it develops to this stage it usually has occurred several times before and probably without treatment. It is common to have feelings of sadness and disappointment but this goes away in a matter of time.Persistent Depressive Disorder comes about when one experiences depression for two years or more. Did you know that 350million people representing 5% of the world’s population suffer depression? Depression is known to be the leading cause of disability and a substantial contributor to the health burden.Good news is depression is treatable and with such drugs as Celexa that are dedicated for this core purpose.


celexaCelexa, generically known as citalopram hydrobromide, is an effective medication for depression. It works by improving energy levels and helps one feel good about themselves hence it is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). SSRI’s restore serotonin balance in the brain.

Celexa Dose

Celexa comes in strengths of 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, and the maximum 40mg.

Buying Celexa

Celexa is widely available at local and online pharmacies. However, buying Celexa online is the most convenient choice for most people. Either way, Celexa is a prescription only drug and should be bought along with a valid doctor’s prescription.celexa-pillsMost pharmacies often stock generic Celexa as it is a cheaper option but you can’t miss pharmacies that will stock the brand Celexa too.

Celexa Price

The average Celexa brand price for30 10mg tablets cost an average of $230.30 20mg tablets cost an average of $240.30 40mg tablets cost an average of $251.

Before taking Celexa, tell your doctor if you have:

  • Taken MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days because they do interact
  • Any citalopram or escitalopram (Lexapro) allergies
  • Any liver or kidney disease
  • Any blood clotting or bleeding condition
  • A history of epilepsy or seizures
  • A history of long QT syndrome, narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Bipolar disorder

Taking Celexa

Celexa is available in tablet form or liquid solution form.Celexa pill is taken orally with or without food following the doctor’s prescription.The recommended dose which is usually a maximum of Celexa 40mg tablet should be taken once daily, in the morning or in the evening is advisable.Celexa is not approved for use in children.

Celexa Side Effects

While on Celexa dose, you may experience mood swings, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, excessive sweating, weight changes, or cold symptoms like sneezing, sore throat, or running nose. This is common. However, if these side effects become worse with time, you will need to inform your doctor or pharmacist.If you experience the following uncommon side effects like blurred vision, headache accompanied by dizziness and chest pains, fainting, pounding heartbeats, nervous system reactions, abnormal serotonin levels in the body, or low sodium levels, seek medical attention immediately.Effects like allergy symptoms, hives, swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue is rare and will need to be accorded emergency medical attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I continue taking Celexa dose even after my condition has improved?

It is recommended that you complete the prescribed dose and see your doctor after. This is because your condition may worsen if you suddenly discontinue the drug.I have been taking medication for the past three weeks yet I don’t see any substantial improvement in my condition.It takes some time for the effect of Celexa to be felt or actually seen, most of the time 1-4weeks. It is advisable to continue taking the drug as recommended by your doctor without altering your prescription.

Why did my doctor start me off with a lower dose promising to increase it gradually?

Doctors normally do this to reduce the risk of side affects you may experience while on this and/or other drug doses.

Why is it important to take Celexa pill at the same time every day?

This kind of routine helps you remember to take your medication, otherwise, you might forget to take it.

I am expectant, should I continue taking Celexa?

Taking Celexa during pregnancy may cause lung complications to the unborn baby, on the other hand, you may experience depression or relapse if you stop taking the medication. Inform your doctor so that he can advise you further.

I forgot to take Celexa dose, what should I do?

Take the dose you have forgotten immediately you remember. Only make sure you do not take two doses in a single day.

Review from Customers

Enter Celexa, out drug addiction Trying to withdraw from drug addiction caused me great anxiety and stress. My doctor recommended Celexa 10mg dose for a start which he later on increased to 30mg. it has been a tough but worthwhile journey and Celexa medication made it easier to stop drug addiction. Three years on and depression symptoms are slowly fading away. Morris Switzerland

Celexa has helped calm me down The birth of my third born unlike the others was full of challenges. Here’s a special child born with autism, something I have never even imagined in my life. it was just a matter of time and (not sure whether to call it postpartum depression) caught up with me. It’s been a long journey of accepting my child but I had to be treated for depression. Celexa has helped calm me down. Nasra, Saudi Arabia