Claritin® (Loratadine)

Uses for Claritin generic Eye

Ketotifen ophthalmic (eye) solution is specially formulated to momentarily stop itching of the eye caused by allergic conjunctivitis. Its action mechanism includes acting on certain cells, called mast cells, to stop them from letting go substances that cause allergy.Youcan buy the medicine both with doctor’s prescription and over-the-counter (OTC).

Before Using Claritin generic Eye

There are many risks involved with the use of medicine. You should bring certain conditions into doctor’s notice before you actually start using the medicine.


It is important to inform doctor if you ever had any kind of allergic or unusual reaction in the past with Claritin generic Eye or other medicines. You should also tell your doctor if also feel allergic to dyes, animals, preservatives, or food. However, for non-prescription products it is important for the patient to read all instructions mentioned on the label.


As such there is no controlled data on the use of ketotifen in kids below 3 years of age with use in other age groups.Therefore studies have only been done in adult parents.


There is no information available matching ophthalmic ketotifen use in the elderly with use in other age groups.Therefore it is hard to say whether it will work in the same way it does in younger adults or cause the same side effects.

Missed Dose

In case you miss the dose the take the skipped dose as soon as possible. The skipped dose is only recommended to take if the next dose is not scheduled. Do not take extra dose to increase the risk of side effects.


The medicine should always be kept at room temperature away from heat and moisture as well as from kids. Do not freeze the medicine.Throw away expired medicine or medicine you do not require any longer.For disposal of outdated medicine you can take help from the health care professional.

Precautions While Using Claritin generic Eye

Meet your doctor immediately if you still find problem is not improving or becoming worse.

How to use eye drops?

Wash your hands.Tilt the head back and, pressing your finger softly on the skin just under the lower eyelid, push the lower eyelid down away from the eye to make a space with your fingers.In the next step, put the drop of medicine into this spaceLet go of the eyelid and softlyshut your eyes. No need to blink. Close your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes to let the medicine get absorbed.If you think that the drop of medicine could not get into your eyes properly then try it again.To keep the medicine germ-free always keeps its container closed. And also no need to touch the applicator tip to any surface (including the eye).

Proper Use of ketotifen

In this section you will get to know about all the products that consist of ketotifen. It may be exact to Claritin generic Eye. So, please read carefully.Never wear contact lenses if you find redness in your eyes. Further, the use of medicine does not treat any kind of irritation happened due to contact lenses. You should always remove contact lenses before applying the medicine. Then wait for 10 minutes before putting the lenses back in.

Reviews for Ketotifen

User Rating: 10

For Conjunctivitis, Allergic: No itching, allergy, or watery eyes. In my case it began to work immediately. Really, it is a wonderful stuff with no side effects.

User Rating: 10

Zaditor (ketotifen) for Conjunctivitis, Allergic: I did not feel any stinging or burning or any side effects. It is damn effective, and very soothing for my eyes.

User Rating: 10

Zaditor (ketotifen) for Conjunctivitis, Allergic: It really cooled my eyes. My eyes began to feel normal.