Esidrix (hydrochlorothiazide)

Highlights for esidrix

  • Esidrix is a popularly known diuretic used in the treatment of high blood pressure and excess water retention of the body. The generic name for Esidrix is hydrochlorothiazide.
  • Esidrix is more effective when combined with other diuretic medications for the treatment of hypertension.
  • Esidrix is only available on prescription. It is classified as a cardiovascular agent in therapeutic classification.

What is esidrix?

Esidrix is a medication that treats high blood pressure (hypertension) and excess fluid retention (edema). It is also used in the treatment of renal tubular acidosis, diabetes insipidus, and to reduce the risk associated with high calcium content in the urine such as kidney stones. Esidrix drug is usually recommended as first-line treatment for those with high blood pressure. The generic name of esidrix drug is hydrochlorothiazide. Esidrix is usually combined with other antihypertensive medication to achieve optimum results in the treatment of high blood pressure.Patients with high blood pressure are recommended to maintain its treatment to reducethe risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney diseases or failure, and heart attacks.A proper control of blood pressure trims down the vulnerability of high blood pressure patients to the mentioned health issues.

Esidrix (hydrochlorothiazide) is also called water pill as it reduces the amount of water in the blood by expelling the quantity of sodium and potassium in the body which is responsible for water retention. The use of esidrix is to be determined by the doctor as it has other uses apart from those mentioned here.Esidrix is available as esidrix 25 mg and 100mg. This medication, esidrix (hydrochlorothiazide) is a prescription medication. A recommendation for its use is to be done by health care providers.

Why useesidrix?

It is important to note that patients who failure to control their high blood pressure are at high risk of more complex medical conditions.The proper use of esidrix drugdiminishes the chances of suffering from further health impairments. As a member of the thiazide, esidrix has been widely used in the treatments of osteoporosis, hypercalciuria, hypoparathyroidism, and Dent’s disease. The use of esidrix is beyond the listed conditions in its guide.Esidrix dosage is to be determined by the health care personnel. However, adults usually take esidrix 25 mg daily as a single dose.

How does it work?

The active ingredient for esidrix (hydrochlorothiazide) works mainly at the nephron. It acts by reducing the quantity of sodium re-absorbed in the convoluted tubule; mainly by impeding the transportation of Na+ along the tube. It then stimulates natriuresis to promote water discharge. The process improves the re-absorption of calcium instead. The excess water removed from the system reduces swelling of the tissues and arteries to promote proper blood flow. Hence, reducing how much work required by the heart to achieve blood circulation.

Esidrix side effects

This medication may cause a deficiency in potassium content in the blood; hypokalemia, magnesium deficiency, sodium deficiency, and high calcium content in the blood. Other side effects include a headache, high blood sugar, increased level of uric acid in the blood, high cholesterol, vomiting,gout, weight gain, pancreatitis and photosensitivity (rashes on the skin due to light)Most of the adverse effects of esidrix have been reported by patients taking doses more than esidrix 25 mg daily


If you operate machines or do high task jobs, ensure to discuss with your doctor on the esidrix dosage to be taken. Some patients experience dizziness after taking esidrix.There is no guarantee that patients would feel the same way at the use of a particular esidrix dose. It is very important that report any change you notice in your body to your doctor and also there is a need for regular check on your blood and urine to be sure no adverse effect has been initiated in your body. At a notice of any irregularity, please stop taking esidrix and inform your doctor immediately. Please DO NOT USE esidrix on your own. Your doctor is to determine if it is suitable for your treatments.