What is Geodon?

Geodon is a health product that can be used to treat mood or mental disorder that is also called schizophrenia.The medication can also be used to treat bipolar disorder. If you use this Geodon antipsychotic medication, it can help you overcome hallucinations and enhance your thinking ability. This will make you see yourself in good light, reduce your degree of agitation, and help you become more active.

How to Use Geodon

For the best result, use the product twice daily. The dosage you should use will depend on your condition how you respond to treatment. Try to see your doctor before you use this drug to avoid any unpleasant experience.Avoid the use of Geodon if you react to ziprasidone or have heart-related problems.You should also avoid taking it with an antibiotic, any cancer medicine, antidepressant, and other range of health products. You can check the Internet for a comprehensive list of drugs you should avoid when taking Geodon.

If You Miss a Dose

Some exigencies may make you miss a dose. In the likelihood that such happens, take it without delay the very moment you remember. If you remember you missed a dose when it is already the time for the next dose, don’t bother yourself about the missed dose again.In the case of accidental overdose, seek medical assistance immediately.


The dosage depends on the health condition that you want to use it for. These are the different dosages for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder:

  • For schizophrenia
  • On the first day, use 20 mg twice daily.
  • You should adjust the dose according to prescription in intervals of 2 days.
  • The maximum dose is 100 mg twice daily

It is not recommended that you exceed 80 mg twice daily.

  • For bipolar disorder.
  • On the second day, increase the dose to either 60 mg or 80 mg. Take this twice daily too.
  • If you are not allergic to the drug and find it efficient, adjust the daily dose to between 40 mg and 80 mg to be taken twice daily.

If you want to use it for treating bipolar disorder, the initial dose should be 20 mg twice daily

Where to buy the product

geodonYou can get Geodon and other trusted health products from online store. This online store is reputed for selling tested and reliable health products that are formulated to treat different health conditions.Many people have visited this reliable site to place their order for this drug. They have used it to treat and overcome their bipolar disorder or schizophrenia health problems. These are some of the reviews of some of these users:


Leonard S, I’ve been on this med for a little over a year. I’m very satisfied with it. It puts me to sleep at night; it keeps me calm during the day. At first, I did feel sleepy but about after a week I felt fine.

John, (This is) wonderful. After three years and more suicidal thoughts and others, I wish not to ever think of. For some reasons I will not question why this particular drug has been a “miracle worker for me.” This was the step before e.s.t.for me. I thank God. I am more active and think much clearly.

Susan, I have been taking 60 mg twice a day for over a year now. I love the medication for what it is doing for my bipolar disorder. I’ve never been so constant in my moods before. I feel great. I love the overall outcome of Geodon.

What further evidence do you need? Get the best drug for your bipolar disorder or schizophrenia at the best online health store. You will experience a total turnaround in your health if you do so. While there is a wide range of products that claim to help people overcome these health challenges, there is none as effective as Geodon.