Glucotrol (glipizide)

What is Glucotrol?

Introduced into the world of medication in 1984 as Glucotrol, Glipizide is an anti-diabetic drug that aids pancreas’ ability to produce insulin, which results ultimately in the reduction of blood sugar to a clinically safe level. Since the time Pfizer came around with Glucotrol generic name, Glipizide, other marketers and drugs manufacturers have branded the drug as Glucotrol 5 mg and Glucotrol 10 mg.With controlled diet and regulated exercise, glipizide Glucotrol is very effective in the treatment of diabetes

Glucotrol Dosage

Strictly speaking, the most authentic Glucotrol dosage is the direction on the label or a doctor’s prescriptions.Therefore do not go beyond or below the prescribed Glucotrol dosage. And do not use it beyond the time recommended. Depending on your response to the treatment, the doctor may from time to time change your Glucotrol dosage to suit your need. For many diabetics, it is recommended that they take glipizide which is generic for Glucotrol 30 minutes before food, usually breakfast, as always the case with Glucotrol XL.This Glucotrol dosage for adults is normally Glucotrol 5 mg daily for the initial dose which can be on immediate or sustained-release.Maintenance dose can be divided into 5 doses and can vary according to the individual case.It runs counter to the whole essence of treatment if you crush, break or chew it. Glucotrol is meant to be swallowed wholly with liquid. Since it is combined with the exercise, watch out for hypoglycemic conditions so that you always take with you drinks or fruits with sugar content during exercise.

Glucotrol Uses

Glucotrol has a primary use: giving diabetics the most potent weapon to override the effects of diabetes and put their health on a pedestal that assures they are out of the reach of the debilitating illness. The good news is that it has been efficient in carrying out its duties.

Glucotrol Price

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Where to Buy Glucotrol

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