Keftab (Your first choice of antibiotics for bacterial infections)

keftab-pillIf you have signs of bacterial infections, the best thing to do is to start treatment immediately. Also, patients who have started treating their infections should also take their drugs regularly, according to the instructions given by the doctor. The doctor will also tell you how to take your medication and also fit to take such antibiotics. Bacterial infections no matter how severe can also be treated but the only challenge is to get a powerful medication. There are quite a lot of antibiotics in the market today and many of them do not contain the actual amount of the active ingredients they claim to have. In order to avoid this, the best thing to do is to buy your medication from a trusted pharmacy anytime and even when you start taking your medication, try to also complete your dosage. The reason is because when you don’t complete your treatment because you feel better, then the bacteria will re-grow and this time it will be difficult to treat.

Treating bacterial infections with Keftab

Keftab is a powerful antibiotic used to treat different bacterial infections. The drug is available in brand and generic version, with the generic name Cephalexin. Keftab is manufactured by Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc. as a prescription-only medication. The drug is made to treat soft tissue or skin infections; bladder infection; upper respiratory tract infection; acne infection and others.

Is Keftab safe?

Keftab is approved by the FDA for the treatment of bacterial infections, and it is also safe to use. It is also advisable to get your antibiotics from a trusted pharmacy that supplies genuine antibiotics

How does Keftab work?

Keftab is highly recognized for its effectiveness and role in the fight against bacterial infections. The drug is also known as a cephalosporin antibiotic which acts by preventing the growth of bacteria. Keftab is only suitable for treatment involving infections that are caused by bacteria and it cannot be used to treat viral infections like flu and a common cold.

How to use Keftab effectively

Keftab is usually taken by mouth (orally), and it should also be used according to the doctor’s instructions. You can take this medication with or without food in every 6 – 12 hours. If you are making use of the suspension, it is advisable for you to shake the bottle properly before taking each dose. In addition, factors that determine the dose an adult needs are his or her medical condition as well as response to treatment, while in children the dose is usually based on their weight. One should also continue to take this medication no matter what. Even if the condition has improved, continue to take this drug until your prescription is exhausted. Stopping to take this medication when the infection has not been cleared completely will only make the bacteria to continue growing, and this will make it very difficult to treat this time. Also, remember that antibiotics work best especially when the quantity of the drug in your system is maintained at a constant level. Therefore, it is important to consume this medication at an interval that is evenly spaced.

Side effects of Keftab

Keftab is a powerful medication and it is also safe to use. In fact, your doctor has prescribed this medication for your treatment because he or she knows that the benefits are more than any likely risks. Therefore, make sure you take your medication according to the instructions of your doctor. Keftab side effects have also been reported to be mild. In fact, most of the users have reported mild side effects that only persisted for just a few days. Some of these side effects are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Mild skin rash
  • Stomach crams

Where to buy Keftab

You can buy Keftab online at a pocket-friendly price. The drug is also sold at local pharmacy stores but it is less expensive when purchased online. It is also very important for patients to find out if the online pharmacy store is selling the real Keftab to them. Although this might be difficult to tell, the only way you can avert buying counterfeit medication is to carry out proper research to determine if the online pharmacy store is genuine or not.However, buy Keftab from a trusted online pharmacy to guarantee your safety and a successful treatment.