Lamisil (The final solution to fungal infection)

lamisil-creme-15gNo matter the type of fungal infection you are suffering from, the good thing is that there is a cure. Fungal infections can be very embarrassing. It can also make you feel very uncomfortable, especially when the itching starts. There are drugs to treat all types of fungal infections but care has to be taken when purchasing antifungal drugs. The reason is because not all antifungal drugs are effective. Lamisil is one of the most active antifungal drugs in the health niche today. The drug is safe and can also help to effectively treat different kinds of fungal infections such as toenail or fingernail.

You can use Lamisil tablets or cream to treat your fungal infection. On the other hand, the Lamisil spray can also be used to treat the condition. This drug is also available in brand and generic forms. In fact, the Lamisil Generic functions the same way the brand version does.

How to take Lamisil

Lamisil oral is taken at least one per day with or without food, or as instructed by the doctor. In addition, your Lamisil dose and duration of treatment also depends on your medical condition. Your response to treatment is also one of the factors that will determine your dose. It is possible to see the full effect of this medication after some months. Although it will take some amount of time for the new non-infected nails to develop and replace the old infected nails. It is also advisable to continue taking this antifungal medication for the amount prescribed for you is finished. The reason is because when you stop taking this drug too early, it might give room for the fungus to continue growing. However, if your condition worsens after using this medication for a while, it is better to inform your doctor about it. However, Lamisil pills are available in 250mg strength and should be taken according to the instruction of the doctor.

Information on Lamisil dose

lamisil-tabletTreatment of fingernail (Onychomycosis) in adults

  • Lamisil 250mg taken orally once per day for a duration of 6 weeks.

Treatment for toenail in adults

  • Take Lamisil 250mg oral dose. Should be taken once per day for 12 weeks

Treatment of Cutaneous Candidiasis (Not FDA Approved)

  • Take Lamisil 250mg orally for 2 to 4 weeks. Drugs should be used once a day.

Treatment of Tinea Cruris

  • Take Lamisil 250mg for 2 – 4 weeks. The drug should be used once a day.

Treatment of Tinea Pedis (Not FDA Approved)

  • Take 250mg for 2 – 4 weeks. The drug should also be used once per day.

Side effects of Lamisil

This medication can produce side effects but the condition is not always severe in most cases. The most important thing is that your doctor only prescribed this medication for you because the benefits are more than the risks associated with it. In addition, this medication is safe and the side effects that occur in most cases are not too serious. It might go away on its own after a short time. However, if you notice that any side effects won’t go away after a period of time, you can inform your doctor about it. Some of the side effects are stomach upset, diarrhea, and loss of taste. Other side effects are fever, sore throat, and tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and chills.

Generic Lamisil

Lamisil Generic name is Terbinafine. The drug is super active for treating fungi and it works well just as the brand version. The price of the generic version is also cheaper than the brand version and both drugs have the same constituents.

Where to buy Lamisil

lamisil_sprayYou can buy Lamisil pills online from anywhere in the world. The drug is also sold at local pharmacy stores but a lot of people prefer to get their medication online. The major reason is because most reputable online pharmacy stores offer drugs at a cheap rate. They offer coupons and discounts which enable patients with low budget size to have access to the drug. In addition, you should also remember to buy Lamisil from a trusted online pharmacy to enjoy the full benefits of this active antifungal medication.