Male Enhancement Pills

Of nature’s conception, perhaps the most salient definer of male sexuality is the phallus. This oddly shaped round headed shaft stands tall and erect as if to set straight the fact that its function goes way beyond fertilization. It may vary in shape and size, yet it remains to be the core of manhood, and the common phenomenon shared by all men. Despite the fact that the erect human penis ranges in size from one man to another, the average length is between 5 and 6 ½ inches with a circumference of around 5inches. ‘The bigger, the better’ is the saying that has labeled the phallus hence all this obsession with male enhancement pills.

What do men feel about their penis size?

Penis size has always been a contentious matter among men. The terms Thick, hard and big seem to be the defining factor.

For most men a thick, hard, big penis would mean being good lovers rather than just fertilizers, because according to them, great sex matters most. Is has an impact on their confidence, esteem, and even performance in other areas.

Large size not only fills up but also expands the vagina and this is what gratifies women during sex. In essence, a big penis gives men a feeling of power and manliness.

Do Women Despise Small Size that Much?

For women, affection matters most and this does not necessarily come with penis size. One the other hand, women will not deny that a larger penis is one of the most satisfying forms of physical contact.

Women may not despise small size but for men, a woman’s approval of their penis is as important as life would be to them. In truth, men get worried sick at the thought that women will think they don’t have a huge enough member or even leave them for the same reason.

Although women will not leave their men for having a small penis, they admit that large size is better that small size for both physical and emotional gratification.

Remedies to Small Size

If there is something that most men wonder about, it’s how they measure up in terms of their tool size

Studies have revealed that most guys who go for male enhancer pills are in fact average in size. Others may have a smaller size, up to 3inches for some genetic or hormonal reasons but all the same, size matters to all.

This has sparked the century old revolution of such remedies as male enhancement pills. Many options have been put forward in an attempt to resolve size issues and these of course come with their side effects. These include:

  • Surgery – performed to increase the length and girth of the penis. There is a likelihood of ending up with a deformed penis and being impotent.
  • Pumps – this pump simply pumps more blood into the penis making it bigger and more erect. This might be a solution but for just a short time.
  • Ointments – Ointments and creams are applied to enlarge the penis.
  • Extenders and stretchers – you may succeed with increasing the length of your member but maybe not with thickness and firmness.
  • Pills and/or supplements – which are what we will discuss, have fewer side effects depending on the male enhancement pills you use. The more natural the ingredients in male enhancement pills the better for you.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Whether in your mailbox, email or through advertisements on all media platforms, the rapidly growing multimillion global market for male enhancement solutions is just an indication of men’s concern about their sexual performance.

The enhancement pills form a good percentage of this market and with each coming day, a new pill that promises to be the best male enhancement pills is released into the market. Pills have topped consumers’ preference list probably because they have been rated less dangerous and easy to access compared to other male enhancement techniques. However, even with pills, prescription ranges from the most possibly effective to the most dangerous.

Most consumers will find themselves in a dilemma of ‘do male enhancement pills work?’

What Do Male Enhancement Pills Do?

Male enhancement pills are intended for solving Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which is an issue affecting one out of three men in the US today. ED is a medical condition in which a man is unable to start or maintain an erection to achieve sexual gratification.

Male enhancement pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis hence making it possible to have and maintain an erection.

Why Enhancement Pills Are Most People’s Choice

  • Male enhancement pills over the counter: These pills may not need prescription. Their natural ingredients qualify them under supplements which are mostly available without a doctor’s prescription. Men have found that the best male enhancement pills can either fight ED or enhance overall sex performance. What’s more, they can order at the comfort of their home and have their package shipped to them directly and discreetly.
  • Erection Benefits: Many people talk of the most effective enhancement pills. However, how effective these pills are will depend on your health. If your physician gives you a clean bill of health, it means the pills are bound to yield greater stimulation, increased thickness and length, as well as firmness all through lovemaking, results that every man desires from their preferred pills.
  • Additional Benefits: Not all remedies will give improved ejaculatory control, penile sensitivity, and stamina as results. These are benefits left for male enhancement pills. Best male enhancement pills will, in addition, give prostate support.
  • The Price Factor: Compared to other ED treatments, pills offer consumers a cheaper option.

Some Side Effects of Male Enhancement Pills

Generally, people will experience mild headaches and stomach aches.

If you experience dizziness, vision loss, or nausea, see your doctors as these side effects are an indication that all is not well with the pill you are taking.

You may be in a dilemma choosing the right pills especially if you are considering

  • Cheap male enhancement pills, there are many of them
  • Male enhancement pills that work, it’s hard to tell at a glance
  • Buying male enhancement pills over the counter, doctors play a guiding role on informing us of effective pills.

Here are some handy tips.

  • Check how long a pill has been in the market. Good quality often stands the test of time.
  • Has it gone through clinical tests required by law, leave alone their own internal tests. These could be misleading.
  • Check that the ingredients are label listed, along with side effects and product guarantee.
  • Are ingredients mostly natural, these are safer for consumption
  • Cheap is good but it could be catchy in terms of genuine products or online scams. Its better you buy cheaply from manufacturers’ websites.