What are the Side Effects of Forskolin?

Uncovering It

What is forskolin? What are the side effects of forskolin and are there any skeletons hidden behind this seemingly powerful weight loss product? If so, are they bad enough to stop someone from trying it? It is worth knowing first that Forskolin is a natural extract from the tuber of a plant native to Asia and Africa, further more it has been used traditionally used as food and for its medicinal properties. That is somewhat comforting

Side Effect

The side effects may include inhibition of platelet aggregation and being a potent thyroid stimulator meaning it should be avoided in people on blood thinners or those who have hyperthyroidism otherwise be used with a physician’s approval in these.Apart from this, what are its side effects? It should not be used if one is on colforsin (causing tachycardia and arrhythmias) or have polycystic kidney disease. This is because these people already have forskolin-like substances in their system and any more would be deleterious.There have been hypotheses that it may increase the growth and metastasis tendency of tumors in those with cancer. Forskolin works by activating adeylate cyclase, an enzyme that increases the cellular mediator cyclic AMP found on the plasma membrane. It is this that causes lipolysis and glycolysis (the breakdown of fats and glycogen). However, cAMP is not a mediator of the liver and adipose tissue alone- it is in all cells leading to it many uses and sadly its side effects.

The majority of side effects though are as a result of over-enthusiastic use by using more than is recommended. If however taken as per instruction on the bottle you should be fine. This is especially true for side effects like nausea, stomach discomfort and dizziness reported to have been experienced by some

“Finally I found something that works!!… After 3 weeks I had lost 9 pounds. . I haven’t had any of the bad side effects some people have described.” – Denise G, Mn, USA


Answering the question what are the side effects of forskolin and with this holistic look, it is safe to say that this supplement is worth trying because sometimes you have to try something for yourself to believe it.