Basic facts about Sinequan

Depression, alcoholism, anxiety, manic-depressive disorders, and other psychiatric disorders are health challenges that cannot be ignored by anyone. We all know one person at least that suffers from depression, alcoholism, constant anxiety or other mental and emotional issues. Thanks to scientific research, drugs that suppress, address and even help cure symptoms of different illnesses and diseases are now available for purchase and use. Sinequan is one of such drugs that address the symptoms of depression, manic-depressive disorders, anxiety and even alcoholism. Also, called doxepin and sinequan doxepin, the drug targets imbalances in the body’s neurotransmitters that are needed for mental and emotional balance, thereby improving your mood and sleep cycles.

Sinequan uses

It should be obvious that people suffering from depression, anxiety, alcoholism and even manic-depressive disorders find it difficult to be happy or express themselves properly and positively. Sinequan addresses all these symptoms. Sinequan or doxepin sinequan is a medication that must be prescribed to you by a healthcare professional or doctor. This is because it is a medication that is targeted at specific health issues and not general ones. As earlier said, sinequan helps to improve your mood and sleep cycles by suppressing negative emotions and feelings of anxiety and depression. It also increases your energy levels.

Properties of Sinequan

sinequanSinequan, doxepin or doxepin sinequan is a derivative of dibenzoazepine that is soluble in water, some forms of alcohol and chloroform. With a molecular weight of 316 and the molecular compound name c19h21no•hcl, sinequan is a dibenzoazepine tricyclic compound and is categorized as a psychotherapeutic agent. The compound is a white crystalline color and contains inactive ingredients like magnesium stearate, starch, sodium lauryl sulfate and hard gelatin capsules which are used for the tablet form of the drug. Peppermint oil, water, glycerin, methylparaben and propylparaben, on the other hand, are inactive ingredients that can be found in the oral concentrate version of the drug.Below is the molecular formula of sinequan (doxepin hci) with an isomeric mixture of 1-propanamine, 3-dibenz [b, e] oxepin-11(6h) ylidene-n, n-dimethyl-, hydrochloride.


sinequan-pillsDoctors recommend a daily dose of 25-50 mg for patients who show very mild emotional and mental symptoms, and 75 mg for patients with mild or moderate depression or other health issues that can be addressed with sinequan. Nevertheless, doctors may increase or decrease this daily dosage (between 75 mg and 150 mg) depending on the responses of patients with mild symptoms to the drug. Doctors may give patients with more severe symptoms, a daily dose that may be up to 300 mg but not above it. Results of the effects of the drug can be seen within 2 to 3 weeks firstly in the visible decrease of anxiety.

Side effects

Sinequan side effects may include dizziness, light-headedness, a dry mouth, and urination problems which can be relieved by getting up slowly from a lying or sitting position, chewing sugarless gum, drinking plenty of water, eating enough fiber and getting enough exercise.It is advised that you should see your doctor if these symptoms, among others, persist.

Precautions and warnings

If you have allergies of any kind, breathing and blood problems, liver, urination and bleeding problems, and a personal and or family history of mood and mental conditions, seizures, glaucoma or other health conditions that may put you at risk, it is advised that you inform your doctor about them because the medication might contain inactive ingredients that may trigger these health issues and allergic reactions. This is necessary if you have had reactions to other antidepressants in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can i skip a dose or take two at once?

No, you should not skip on it unless your doctor tells you to. You should also not take two doses at once; take the missed dose only at the time prescribed.

Where can i purchase the drug?

The drug can be purchased at any pharmaceutical store near you or from online pharmacies.

What should i do if i feel uncomfortable or weak?

You should inform your doctor if you feel any changes in your body systems.