Sustiva (A powerful drug for HIV treatment)

efavirenz-600mgIf you are suffering from HIV, there are drugs you can use to control the infection caused by the virus. These drugs are sometimes used in combination with other drugs but can help to people living with this condition to live a normal life. In the year 1998, the FDA approved a drug called “Sustiva” for people living with HIV. This drug has the capacity to control the HIV infection in patients when used in combination with other drugs. It gives the immune system of people living with HIV, an opportunity to function properly by reducing the amount of the virus in their body. The action of this drug offers a huge relief to patients with HIV. It enhances their quality of life by reducing their chances of having complications caused by the virus such as cancer or new infections. Efavirenz is grouped among the class of drugs called NNRTIS (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors).

How to effectively use Sustiva

Before you start using Sustiva it is advisable to read the information on the leaflet from your pharmacist before you start using the drug as well as each time you go for a refill. Also, if there is any information that is not clear to you, it is advisable to ask the doctor or pharmacist for clarification.

You should take Sustiva by mouth without food. This drug should also be used once per day, especially at bedtime or according to your doctor’s instructions. It is also advisable to take this drug whole with water and if you don’t like to swallow the capsules, you can open and pour the content into a small amount of soft foods like grape jelly, applesauce or yogurt. After taking this drug, it is advisable not to take any food for at least 2 hours.

Your Sustiva dosage should also be based on your medication condition as well as your response to treatment. It will also be based on the type of medication you may be using. Your doctor or pharmacist should be aware of all the types of drugs you use. It is very necessary to continue taking the drug according to the prescription of the doctor. It is important not to skip any dose and do not take more than prescribed. This drug works very well when the amount of drug you have in your system is kept constant. Therefore it is necessary to take this drug at an interval that is evenly spaced. In order to remember, take Sustiva the same time every day.

sustivaSustiva dosage

For adults, the recommended dosage of Sustiva is 600mg. The drug should also be used daily together with other antiretroviral drugs.


It is advisable to avoid drug interactions when making use of this medication. Drug interaction may also increase your risk of side effects or change the drug will work in your system.

One thing you must not do is to take this medication together with other drugs that contain efavirenz unless you are being directed by your doctor. Another product that may interact with this medication is a certain combination of drugs that is normally used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (ritonavir/dasabuvir/ombitasvir/paritaprevir).

Sustiva side effects

Just like other drugs, the side effects caused by Sustiva varies. In most cases, it might be mild, severe, temporary or permanent. Some people have also used this drug for quite a long time without experiencing any side effects. So, if you are so much concerned about side effects, you can discuss the benefits as well as the risk of using Sustiva with your doctor.

The side effects produced by Sustiva do not stay for long in most users. It goes away after a short time of making use of the drug. However, if you experience any side effect that troubles your mind, you can discuss it with your doctor. For mild side effects, you can also seek advice on how to manage it.

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Trouble sleeping

Where to buy Sustiva

You can buy Sustiva online or from any local pharmacy store close to you. However, considering the fact that this drug needs to be taken consistently, many people prefer to buy drugs online because of the cheap price. Online pharmacy stores offer drugs at a very cheap price. Some reputable online pharmacy also offers coupons and discounts to enable people with a low budget to buy the drug cheap.