What is Tofranil?

Tofranil imipramine is a medication that is very effective in treating depression. It is a tricyclic antidepressant that belongs to the dibenzazepine group and is also known as tofranil-pm. Hence, its functions are due to its ability to boost the performances of some chemicals in the brain so that individuals who are suffering from depression can easily get over the problem.

Tofranil uses

Tofranil is a tested health product that is effective in the treatment of:

  • Depression in adults
  • Nocturnal enuresis, generally known as bed wetting in children.
  • Tofranil drug can also be used to treat panic disorder and anxiety.

Since tofranil drug is made as a tablet or capsule, you can take it once or twice daily, depending on the instructions of your doctor.If the goal is to use it prevent bed wetting, it should be taken about an hour before bedtime. You can also take it twice daily, once in the afternoon and before bedtime.Due to your busy schedule or other factors, you may miss a dose. Don’t panic. Use the missed dose immediately you remember. If you remember when you are already due for the next dose, forgo the missed dose and take the next one. It is dangerous to take more than a dose of the drug at once.

Tofranil dosage

You should endeavor to use tofranil as prescribed by your manufacturer. The dosage to be used depends on whether you are using the tofranil tablets or capsules.

Tofranil tablets

  • The initial dose is 75 mg daily.
  • After the first day, doses will be 50or 150 mg daily.
  • You should not exceed 200 mg daily.

Tofranil capsules

  • Start with 75 mg daily.
  • After the first day, doses should be between 75 and 150 mg.
  • Don’t exceed 200 mg daily.

Using tofranil to treat childhood enuresis is quite different from using it to treat depression. If the child is below 12 years old, the dosage is 25 to 50 mg daily. For a child who is above 12 years, the recommended dosage is 25 to 75 mg daily.

The recommended dose is determined by a lot of factors such as:

  • The condition of the patient.
  • Age.
  • Weight.
  • Response of the patient to treatment.
  • Other health conditions of the patient.
  • Other medications the patient has taken.

If tofranil medication is used strictly according to the prescription given, it will help you alleviate depression and its possible effects on your health. The result on you will be improved mood, better sleep, better appetite, and increased energy level.

Where to buy tofranil

tofranilThis highly-effective antidepressant drug is available for sale on online store. There is no better way to get the best and most cost-effective drugs than when you purchase from online stores. These stores will give you what will help you overcome your health problems quickly, especially if you patronize reliable dealers. Well, i think you will like to hear tofranil reviews from past users of the medication.


Chloe, I began taking tofranil for depression and anxiety disorder when i was 21 years of age only to discover that i could pay attention enough to read a book, something i could never do before. I had no idea i had add until i started this drug and read about other effects it has. I was able to get a b.a. At a university and a good job. I still have problems with housekeeping (which goes with add) but have been very happy with the drug overall.

Mike, Tofranil gives me a constant mild euphoric state, the polar opposite of how i felt when i started using it.less side effects than other older anti- depressants.in my opinion, the best anti- depressant, hands down, and i’ve tried 9 different ones.tell your m.d. You want to try this one first!

With the positive remarks that tofranil gets from numerous users, you should rest assured that you can rely on it to help you treat depression or help your child overcome enuresis effectively. Whether you are dealing with depression or want to help your child overcome bed wetting, don’t hesitate to use tofranil drugs.