Treating Bacterial Infection with Vibramycin

The treatment or prevention of bacterial infections is strongly advised to be done with the most suitable antibiotic. Vibramycin has been used successfully in the treatment and prevention of different types of infection caused by bacteria and protozoa. Vibramycin generic name is doxycycline which came into use in 1967. Among the different bacterial infections treated with vibramycin include pneumonia, lyme disease, cholera, shigella, syphilis, gonorrhea, acne, chancroid, bartonellosis and relapsing fever due to borrelia recurrent is and chlamydia infections. Vibramycin generic of doxycycline is produced by pfizer. though vibramycin generic, doxycycline is being produced by many pharmaceutical companies sold as generic vibramycin or other brand names. Vibramycin pfizer or doxycycline is a class of tetracycline.

How does Vibramycin work?

About 93% (almost all) doxycycline is absorbed into the blood stream when administered orally. The action of vibramycin works by inhibiting 30s ribosomes and the growth of amino acids in the peptide chain. This action cripples communication amongst the cells and disables the ability of bacteria to survive. Vibramycin is active in a broad range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

How does Vibramycin look?

Vibramycin pfizer is produced as vibramycin capsules, vibramycin tablets, and suspensions. The capsules and tablets come as vibramycin 100mg and 200mg in a green or sky blue color. Pfizer is written with white at the cap end of green vibramycin capsules and at the content end of the sky blue vibramycin capsules.

What kinds of infection can vibramycin treat?

Clinical trials have confirmed that vibramycin can be used in the treatment of the following bacterial infections among others

Infection Causative Bacteria
inclusion conjunctivitis chlamydia trachomatis
psittacosis (ornithosis) chlamydophila psittaci
lymphogranuloma venereum chlamydia trachomatis
respiratory tract infections mycoplasma pneumonia
rectal infections chlamydia trachomatis
inclusion conjunctivitis chlamydia trachomatis
cholera vibrio cholera
campylobacter fetus infections campylobacter fetus
brucellosis brucella species
bartonellosis bartonella bacilliformis
plague yersinia pestis
granuloma inguinale klebsiella granulomatis

Vibramycinis also used in the treatment and prevention of malaria; a parasitic infection caused by plasmodium. The treatment is usually combined with quinine.

How do i take Vibramycin?

The dosage is determined by the infection being treated and the person to use vibramycin. in adults, the starting dose for vibramycin is usually 200mg full dose for a whole day; taken as vibramycin 100 mg twelve hourly. The next day, vibramycin 100 mg is to be taken once a day. in the treatment of chronic bacterial infections, vibramycin 100 mg is continuously taken 12 hourly till the duration prescribed. This dosage is applicable to children weighing more than 45kg.Children weighing less than 45kg usually take 2.2mg/kg. that means children weighing 23kg is required to take 50mg of vibramycin tablet(half of vibramycin 100mg) in a whole day for treatments that requires adults take 100 mg/day.The minimum number of days required to vibramycin is about 7 days. A known maximum duration vibramycin has ever been prescribed is about 60 days when used in the treatment of inhalational anthrax.

How to buy Vibramycin?

Vibramycin is highly advised to be taken with prescription and supervision by health care personnel. A known infection may be caused by different bacteria, even though they share the same symptom. This makes it necessary for every patient to be examined and tested to ascertain if vibramycin is the suitable antibiotic for the desired treatment.You can buy Vibramycin from online pharmacies or drug stores. There is no specified vibramycin price for every store. however, vibramycin price may be affected by brand names. generic vibramycin may be sold cheaper since they are not spending money to promote the drug. that being said, Vibramycin 100mg price is relatively 0.04 USD per pill. while considering where to buy vibramycin, ensure it’s a reliable store approved by FDA.

Possible side effects

Side effects may include nausea, anaphylaxis, anorexia, erythema multiforme, vomiting, glossitis, diarrhea, and dysphagia.