What is Forskolin Dr Oz?

When he coined the phrase “lightning in a bottle,” everyone wanted to know- what is Forskolin Dr Oz? It is actually a natural extract from a coleus plant of the mint family. It is used in reducing weight and getting rid of belly fat as the following will attest.

I have been taking this product for 2 weeks and I have lost 6 lbs. and part of my muffin top. – S Hays, USA,

In just two weeks, results were seen!“Very true to its label and I always drink every time I eat a lot to melt all those fats away.” – Noel Christian Guido, Roosevelt, Utah, USA,

Definitely works!!!” – Wilbert jones, USA,

This was one of the items on Dr. Oz Show to help you lose weight along with exercise and it does work.” – Margaret Fuentes, USA,

Almost too good to be true. Those above are however real everyday people. So really- what is forskolin? In a word, I’d say Lightning.


How then does Forskolin work? Like Dr Oz metaphorically put it by setting paper to flames, it burns out fats and carbs. This is done by activating adenylate cyclase, an enzyme that increases the levels of cyclic AMP. It is this cellular mediator that causes the lysis of fats and glycogen breakdown

Losing weight is tough. More so in those in whom the extra pounds are genetically imprinted. The body is dynamic and has a tendency to adapt- even to exercise, thus thwarting our efforts at times. This is why serious exercise is required to lose weight. Especially in the earlier mentioned. It is cardinal to understand therefore that in order for this product to work as stated, one needs to exercise. Obviously you wouldn’t expect to lose weight just by sitting on the couch- Forskolin needs a foundation to build from. Even lightning is always followed by thunder. Its potency are clear in those who even cheated while working out.

Forskolin has been used traditionally in Asia and Africa to treat many diseases including cardiovascular ailments and asthma among others. With weight loss added to the mix, you just have to try it out. Don’t ask- what is forskolin Dr Oz, say- I want Forskolin Dr Oz. You will be grateful you did.