What is Zagam and what are its Uses?

Zagam is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic effective in treating bacterial infections. The drug is mostly prescribed for patients suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza, and other related respiratory ailments. It can also be used to treat infection brought on by surgical intervention.

zagam-200mgDosage and How to Use Zagam

A proper consultation with your doctor is a must before taking this medication. Your doctor’s diagnosis, from the results of your clinical tests to your symptoms will determine the right medication therapy needed and ensures that Zagam is the right drug for you. Take Zagam during a meal or with a full glass of water. For patients that don’t have any renal disorder, a 200 mg pill should usually be the dosage, twice a day and then once a day thereafter for ten days straight. Following the prescribed procedure is a requirement until the end of treatment is reached. It is important to continue taking the drug until the disease has been removed completely even if the symptoms have alleviated after a certain time. Remember to take Zagam at evenly spaced intervals.

Precautions before using Zagam

Like with most medications, it is important to check for possible allergies that may concern you in taking Zagam. Have a proper discussion with your medical professional about your medical history, especially anything regarding kidney or heart problems or if you have epilepsy. Either you may not be allowed to take the drug or you’ll be given a different dosage or a special monitoring during the treatment without influencing your health condition. For patients that have renal problems, they will be asked to take two 200mg pills on the first day and one pill thereafter for nine days straight. To not hinder the effectiveness of the drug, avoid taking any medication that contains aluminum, magnesium, zinc, ulcer medicine sucralfate, or iron for at least four hours after taking Zagam. Caution will also be taken for pregnant women since FDA hasn’t established any fetal harm in regards with Zagam. The drug is intended for adults only and anyone taking it under 18 years old may experience a disturbance on their bone development. It is highly important to consult with your doctor first about the drug’s risk and benefits and if the symptoms persist or worsen even after the treatment period.

Possible Side Effects of Zagam

Allergic reactions such as breathing problems and swelling body parts should be alerted to a medical professional immediately and the patient should stop taking the medicine.

Other side effects the drug may induce may range from mild to moderate symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Even with these side effects, continue taking the drug but notify your doctor. If these symptoms persist or worsen or other symptoms that are more serious appear such as seizures or chest pains, seek medical attention immediately. Contact your doctor for a more comprehensive list of side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take Zagam?

Zagam is administered for bacterial infections. Only take the medication under a professional’s prescription. The drug is intended for adult use and pregnant women should avoid taking it.

Is Zagam safe?

All drugs carry risks. Check for precautions and side effects with your medical professional to avoid these risks.

Can I buy Zagam online without prescription?

A doctor’s prescription is a requirement because the drug’s effects could be volatile.

Where I can buy Zagam and how much is it?

Zagam can be obtained through leading pharmacies worldwide or through online,although Sparfloxacin has been discontinued in the US. Thirty 200mg pills of Zagam can be bought at US$73.95 with each pill costing US$2.47.