Zocor® (Simvastatin)

What is Zocor generic?

Zocor generic helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol level also known as low-density lipoprotein or LDL and triglycerides in the blood. Zocor generic increase the levels of good cholesterol also called high-density lipoprotein or HDL. The drug belongs to a group of medicines called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, or “statins”.Zocor generic also helps in treatment of controlling heart attacks, risk of strokes and other heart situations in patients who has diabetes, coronary heart problem or other issues.Zocor generic has to be given to adults who are older than 10 years

Important information

In few cases, Zocor generic can cause adverse effects like skeletal muscle tissue, kidney failure etc. inform your doctor if you are facing muscle pain, weakness or tenderness. In some cases fever, dark colored urine and unusual tiredness also detected.Always take the Zocor generic drug as prescribed by your doctor. Do not change the drug dosage on your own. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Increment in dosage may lead to dangerous results. Few other drugs might interact with Zocor generic including over the counter drugs, herbal medicines or prescription drugs. Do inform your doctor about such drugs before taking Zocor generic.Consult your doctor if you are suffering from liver or kidney disorder, diabetes or a thyroid patient before going for the treatment of Zocor generic. Also consumption of alcohol more than 2 is strictly prohibitedZocor generic can harm the fetus. Do not take the treatment of Zocor generic if you are pregnant.

Before taking this medicine

Avoid taking Zocor generic if you are allergic to its component named as simvstatin. If you suffering from liver disorder or pregnant, you should not take Zocor generic.In few cases, Zocor generic can cause adverse effects like skeletal muscle tissue, kidney failure etc. inform your doctor if you are facing muscle pain, weakness or tenderness. In some cases fever, dark colored urine and unusual tiredness also detected. This situation more likely occur in older people or who has kidney disorder or badly controlled hypothyroidism (under active thyroid). This condition worsen if you are Chinese descent and took high dosage of Zocor generic with other drugs such as niacin or its generic versions.

Few medicines may interact with Zocor generic and cause serious effects on you. Consult your doctor if you are taking drugs:

  • gemfibrozil
  • Cyclosporine
  • Danazol
  • Antibiotics such as clarithromycin and telithromycin or erythromycin,
  • Antifungal dugs included, posaconazole or ketoconazole or itraconazole
  • Hepatitis C drugs such as telaprevir or boceprevir
  • HIV/AIDS drugs such as indinavir, nelfinavir, atazanavir, ritonavir, tipranavir, etc
  • Verapamil
  • Amlodipine
  • Diliazem

Zocor generic has to be taken carefully in below conditions:

  • Liver or kidney disorder
  • Diabetic
  • Thyroid problem
  • Consumption of 2 alcoholic beverages

According to FDA pregnancy category X, this drug can harm the fetus. During the treatment if you get pregnant, stop the drug or consult your doctor immediately. Usage of effective birth control should be taken to avoid pregnancy during the Zocor generic treatmentSimvastatin may enters into breast milk and could harm a feeding baby. Stop breast-feed your baby while you are taking Zocor generic.

Zocor generic side effects

Seek medical assistance in case you feel unwell after intake of Zocor generic. This drug is known to cause allergic reactions such as hives or skin rash, breathing difficulties and swelling in face, throat, lips and tongue.

Strive to medical help straight away if you notice:

  • Uneven heart rate (very slow or very fast)
  • Bloody or dark-colored, tarry stools;
  • Blurred or yellowed vision;
  • Hallucinations, confusions, unusual thoughts or behavior
  • Itching at the time of urination
  • Increased urine, thirst or hunger
  • Dry mouth, tender taste,
  • Dry skin

Common occurring malaise’s are:

  • Diarrhea, appetite loss, vomiting, nausea
  • Dizziness, excessive weakness
  • Headache, anxiety or depression
  • Mild skin rash

Note: Apart from above mentioned, there are few other side effects of Zocor generic. If case you feel extremely unwell, immediate medical attention is required. You may report the matter to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 FREE

What other drugs will affect Zocor generic?

Other medications can also react with Zocor generic. Inform about all your drugs to your specialist which you are taking now or have consumed earlier. This includes

  • Digozin, digitalis
  • Colchicines
  • Blood thinners such as warfain
  • Coumadin
  • Fenofibrate or fenofibric acid
  • Antifungal drugs such as fluconazale or voriconazole
  • Drugs that contains niacin such as simcor, niaspan, niacor and others
  • Medicines that weaks immune system such as cancer drugs, steroids, tacrolimus etc
  • Any other “statin” drugs such as simvastatin, pravastatin etc

Other prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, health or dietary supplements and Ayurvedic or herbal products are also might interact with Zocor generic.

What happens if I miss a dose?

In case you miss a Zocor generic dose, take it as soon as you remember the lapse. If it is almost the time for your next intake, shun taking your missed dose. Do not consume the medication extra for filling it up for missed dose.

What happens if I overdose?

Ask for urgent medical intervention or call local Poison Help Centre at 1-800-222-1222 FREE. What should I avoid?Grapefruit and its products might interact with Zocor generic and can cause harmful effects on you. Avoid them as much as you can.Avoid taking meals that are high in cholesterol or fat. Strictly follow cholesterol-lowering diet plan otherwise Zocor generic will not leave effective results.Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited otherwise it could raise triglyceride levels or may damage your liver.

How should I take Zocor generic?

Zocor generic should be taken only after doctor’s prescription. Follow all the directions as prescribed. Never change the dosage of drug on your own as increment in Zocor generic may lead to life threatening symptomsZocor generic should be taken after evening meals or you doctor suggested you more than once daily than take it with food. Your healthcare provider may change your dosage occasionally to check the best results.

Regular blood test may require to check the effects of Zocor genericYour might take Zocor generic for long run for the treatment of high cholesterol. If you undergo for any surgery, inform your doctor about the Zocor generic. You might need to stop the drug for short span of time.With treatment of Zocor generic, you also have to control on your diet, weight and exercise. Follow your diet plans very closelyKeep the drug at cool place away from light and heat.

Reviews for Simvastatin

For High Cholesterol:

I took the med after my doc prescription, he told me to take it in night after meals. I did the same but I felt more of urination at night. Really very tired of going to bathroom around 8-9 times in a night. Stop the drug..now going to consult the doc again for another drug.

For Hyperlipoproteinemia:

my doc suggested me 40mg pill at bedtime. My weight is about 240lbs. the drug is effectively working on my lowering lipids. I am regularly visiting my doctor’s clinic for regular blood tests.

But once I took alcohol after the drug and really faced lot of issues. Though I am not alcoholic but still I like to take it some time. so I am giving only 8 rating to the drug as I cant take alcohol with it otherwise the medicine is really an excellent drug.